Sunday, April 30, 2017

My life and what's up with this?!?

Holy cow, it's been 6 months already since my last post on this blog!?! Time seems to be flying by faster the older I get. I turned 30 on march 14 and I still feel like I'm 20 but with a lot of wisdom experience points built up.

I may have done a little pixel art throughout the winter and no dusk scripting for my demo game unfortunately. Sorry dusk isn't online but I need to wrap up a bunch of unfinished quests to make it playable. I know there's fans of the old game who'd like to see it online again. Running the game locally takes some computer savvy and it isn't nearly as fun offline.  What makes dusk fun is forming your own clan with friends you make in-game and the clans compete over ownership of the castles because being part of a clan that owns a castle has it's benefits.

So basically what I am thinking about is a story mode part of the game like the SNES JRPG games with puzzles, quests, and a storyline where your the hero that saves the world, right? That's always fun in JRPG's but in dusk the story mode you have to do solo. That way the game will be interesting if there's nobody else online.

I'd like to have both the beginning story mode part of the game and one castle's worth of gameplay scripted/polished up before I ask my buddy Andy Weaver to throw it online. It's been awhile since I talked to him but I think he's still willing to host.

Anyways, I have the beginning story mode quests mostly scripted but nothing of the first castle scripted. I haven't done much with this hobby in the last couple years as life gets very busy. I have so many hobbies so little time...

If anyone that reads this is interested in getting to know me better I've started uploading videos to my youtube channel showing some things I do for fun.


  1. DUDE I remeber the old games.... lol I even remember the old URL: That shit was the original internet crack!! lol That and building Geocities/ Angel fire web sites. Keep it up man I'd probably play it if it ever came back online.