Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dusk script hacks on the 'onBattle' script. Puzzle script's and flans to eat. Dusk news and Lou's Dusk Tactics. More water animation work.

I hacked a 'onKilled' script into dusk using the 'onBattle' script in Dusk.  So I am a hacker now! :-)  I referred to it at first as being sneaky with the dusk's scripting language but the developer 'NotZed' said and I quote, "In programming we'd call that a bit of a hack - not that there's anything wrong with that."

Eat Flans for breakfast

The first mob I wanted to run an onKilled script for was the flan.  There's 'hunger' and 'thirst' conditions in Dusk and I remember somebody complaining about them so I decided to make a mob that once killed would remove the 'hunger' condition from the player if they had it.   Here's an explanation and links to the scripts on how I did this.

Flan mob  -  Here's what a mobs format looks like.  Notice the onBattle script on the bottom

flan_brain  -  (Script) I used the onBattle script here to give the player 2 conditions: 'flanfood1' is the first regular condition which initiates the first conversation, the condition 'flanfood' is more complicated.

flanfood  -  (Condition) The flan_brain either gives or takes this condition away from the player every round of battle.  So it's basically telling the player to run this script 'eatflan' every turn the mob has in-battle.

eatflan  -  (Script) This script runs every single click in battle checking if the mob is less then 1hp and if the player has the condition 'hunger'.

That's it!  2 scripts and 2 conditions twisted together to imitate a 'onKilled' script which currently doesn't exist in Dusk.  (Note: this will only work fighting 1 mob at a time with this kind of brain.  So these mobs can't have "factions"- this makes mobs aggressive and charge the player if they are on the faction list.)

Now you can get rid of those negative hunger points anytime you see a Flan, just eat it!

Kick a ball around mushrooms to solve a puzzle

I've been trying to bring more 'RPG features' into Dusk since my blog is called 'duskrpg' and I don't want to be false advertising because Dusk was designed as a GMUD game of the late 90's.  A RPG game has features like puzzles and character management.  Dusk has the player management features but no kind of puzzle's so I decided to script a puzzle in my Duskmoon demo game.

The idea or inspiration of the puzzle was taken from Bertram's awesome JRPG Valyria Tear , it's a puzzle where you have to kick a ball around obstacles (mushrooms & dead mushrooms) till it lands on the trigger.

This puzzle took me probably ~30 hours to script!  I poked at it gradually over the last 2 weeks and now it's finally finished.  It would have been easier if Dusk was an offline game but as it's an online game it's necessary to clean up the puzzle in-case somebody logged out or died during it.  So I basically scripted a 'scripted event' in Dusk which makes Dusk WAY more RPG-ish.  Every possibility is scripted except for 2 and one is scripted but in the form of a punishment to the player for kicking the ball obviously the wrong direction.  Here's how I did this.

The ball's 'technology'  -   This is the boss script of the whole puzzle.  This is what took the most work.

Clean-up main   -   The main clean-up script that removes any possible conditions from the player.    

Clean-up last  -   This is the last script that has the smarts to know where to properly send the player.  (See the check for conditions close to the end if your a 'ballidiot' you get sent to the GarbageMan to die ...)

Plus about a zillion more scripts but those are the main ones.

This puzzle is part of a quest to save Krista's dad/ Kristina's husband.  The quest is available after doing Krista's quest and it's given by Krista's mom who is bed ridden in their house.

Here's a screenshot of the puzzle.  The whole area doesn't fit in-screen so if you want to see the rest you're going to have to play the game to see it!

If you just want to check out the puzzle quickly and not play-through hours of the game to become strong enough to get here, then you can log in as 'zabin' and password 'wassup', he's there at the beginning of the rabbit-hole surrounded by hallucinogenic mushrooms.

(If you find a bug in the puzzle -I haven't tested every possibility- please let me know about it!)

Dusk news and known bugs
-  I scripted a mob 'rocks' that once attacked will cause the player to flee unless a pickaxe is in their inventory.  I wrote a funny dialogue that says flint or something got in your eyes and suggesting to use a pickaxe.  I'll blog more on that later as I still have to setup a furnace for smelting and anvil for blacksmith.  So the scripts for mining, and blacksmithing is just beginning WIP.

Here's a todo list and known glitches  Once I've completed most of the things on the todo list I'll be happy to say that my game has reached the first episode!  Before I can say that though, the game has to be playable online and that's where the main problem is currently.  This is a problem I can't fix because I have no knowledge in Java programming.  The Dusk applet isn't loading images online (rarely it does work) because Java doesn't support the old loading method Dusk uses.  I think that's how Andy explained the problem.  The only thing I can do to fix this problem is by posting about this Dusk project on, seeking Java developers who may be interested in working on an open-source game like this.  I don't want to pester NotZed (this problem is in the old Dusk files that run my Duskmoon demo) because he's busy with his fork 'DuskZ' and other hobbies he's into (DuskZ probably doesn't have a problem with the applet loading since he's upgraded to all new Java).

Dusk Tactics

Dusk Tactics  Lou's site, I've kept a link to it on the side bar ------->  .  This is Tom's old Dusk website "" but the name of the game there now is subject to change as this game is not the Dusk game that used that address back in the day.  It appears he's been updating it for almost a year but I never seen it until now.

Dusk inspired Lou to get into game development and he made an upgraded version of Dusk back in 2006.  I tried my best to get my hands on his upgraded files but he lost them unfortunately.  He told me a year ago he bought the old Dusk website in order to revive the old Dusk game.  He was working on a new version of Dusk (again).  I'm afraid he might have been using the buggy SourceForge files and I told him they were buggy(which may have caused his abandoning Dusk again).  We communicated a few times through email but then his Dusk forums went down and he never answered anymore of my emails.

Back then he told me about his new game 'Dusk Tactics' so I figured he was just too busy working on that and didn't have any time for Dusk.  I see his new email on that site and I hope he answers my email about possibly helping fix this problem in Dusk.  Hopefully he is still willing to help revive this old Dusk project.  Lou might be curious in NotZed's work on his fork.

Check out that Dusk Tactics link, it's very exciting and interesting!  I am looking forward to his new game and hopefully he still has interest in reviving the old Dusk game!  He's looking for a pixel artist to help create units and basically all art assets because the art he currently has is placeholder.  So email him if your an interested pixel artist.

(Update:  Found this link to more Dusk Tactics info and read about another game called Island Forge which also looks very interesting)

Water animation update

NotZed talked about making a tool which would show animated tiles in motion in the Tiled map editor.  I couldn't wait anymore so I built this test(which took me way too long) so I could see what the mouth of the river would look like.

I feel pretty good about the beach waves crashing animation.  The things that definitely need to be polished are:  the river's shallow/deep water animation, and the sand's alpha transparency fade is a bit too pointy where it blends at the mouth of the river.

The river may look better if that animation was slower but it doesn't look smooth at all so I'm going to work on that part of the animation again.

The water edges have been alpha blended so it'll work for a variety of ground tiles.

More Dusk ramblings

I wrote a bunch in the 'onStart' script though I may decide to take most of that out because it doesn't really belong there.

I thought it'd be nice to mention all the games I look at for inspiration and motivation for me to work more on Dusk.

DuskZ-(2013) -

Michael Zucchi aka (NotZed)'s fork of the old Dusk engine.  The old Dusk engine has recently seen some new life.  NotZed's work on DuskZ: completely rewritten the client/server with new Java/JavaFX for the client.  Almost every feature I had on my wish list for Dusk he's implemented in his DuskZ.  Animated tiles, animated damage bubbles, layers, players not getting resized, and better walking animation.  Those are some awesome new features in DuskZ but there's hardly any game content left as he's changed the scripting language from the old Dusk script to Javascript.  He started converting a few game scripts while testing his new Javascript system and he says he may still change it.  There's no point in converting the existing scripts until he has solidified his new scripting system.   He put together a runable version of his latest code (it's currently on googlecode) so I could check out the cool new features.  I thought his new version felt slick, new, and was obviously using new Java technology which was nice to see from such an ancient game!  I enjoyed seeing his upgrades though his new game is very incomplete and still needing more work, and polish till it's at a playable version.  Dusk is a big project and it's a lot of work.  I remember him saying that he isn't promising anything (so he might not finish a compatable/complete version of his Dusk).  But if he does it will be excellent!  If he doesn't oh well that's why I love open source, somebody else could learn from his work and possibly continue it.

I plan to make a video showing off the cool new features in his DuskZ but I haven't got around to making any new videos yet.

The Mana World-    

Great open source MMORPG. I mapped the starting village in Duskmoon to resemble TMW Hurnscald, which I believe was mapped in TMW by Crush.  The farmer quest to kill the pinky's and rewarded the farmer's kaiser blade (in TMW)- inspired the bug hunting quest in Duskmoon.  Monster points idea (TMW) inspired me to do the same in Duskmoon.

I haven't played this game since 2008 but I like to check in on their progress once in a while.

Valyria Tear-

Bertram's excellent JRPG.  Watching him revive Hero of Allacrost (HOA) with his fork of the game (by himself) inspired me to revive Dusk.  Ball, triggers, and giant mushrooms blocking (Bertram's puzzle idea) inspired my own version of the puzzle in Duskmoon.

I really enjoy seeing the art I make being put to good use in his game!

Battle for Wesnoth-

Huge excellent open source game with tons of excellent art all licensed under a open license (GPL) some of which is used in Duskmoon.

My dad plays this game ALOT and I don't blame him as the battle system could be quite addicting.

 Wyvern GMUD-

I was searching the internet looking for a game that resembled Dusk and I found this gmud.  It's not open source and I haven't played it yet because the guy who made it is currently not hosting it online (hasn't openly licensed it either).  So no one could revive it besides him.  I was reading through their forums and noticed everybody there were old players who miss the game and are anxiously waiting to play the game again.  Which is how I feel about Dusk.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on a Lenovo Windows 8 tutorial!

My Ubuntu 10.04 computer got stuck at the boot screen because it was filled to the brim!  (I ended up fixing it using my new Ubuntu 12.04 computer by googling for the fix.  I'll explain how I did this after I explain how I managed to boot this new Windows 8 with Ubuntu 12.04.)

So, Yesterday I decided it was time for a new computer.  I bought one from Staples for ~500$ with Windows 8 pre installed.  I thought it was going to be easy to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04.  In the past I've installed Ubuntu in 1 easy step:  simply place a cd/dvd in the disc drive that has the version of Ubuntu you want to test and restart the computer.  That's how easy it used to be!

Now I have to follow what seems like hundreds of work a rounds and searching google for problems that I in-countered trying to follow these directions.  This was quite a difficult task because Windows has this 'secure boot' which effectively prevents any other OS being installed on the system.

Instructions how to dual boot Windows 8 (pre-installed) with Ubuntu 12.04:

Here's the ramdom instructions I followed to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04:

I skipped to step 2 because I had nothing to backup.  Didn't have luck with the Unetbootin so I went here to create the bootable usb drive.

Turning off fast boot was easy following those instructions but I had to look up these instructions to disable secure boot.

(I wrote this yesterday during this crazy process):  Ok, wow!  I have to mention that somehow I've already got these pop-ups on my Windows 8 using Internet Explorer just trying to follow that tutorial ... damn windows sucks.

I had originally planned to keep Windows 8 by dual booting but after getting those pop-ups I decided F*%^$ Windows!   There was about 4 pop-ups, I forget the names but it would take the computer ~5 minutes to turn on because they kept 'not-responding' and if I tried opening Internet Explorer it wouldn't respond either for a good while until I shut off all that malware crap!  When this happens I get sick to my stomache.  How can people use windows when that happens so quickly?  Honestly within 10 hours of owning it, it was rendered unusable!

There shouldn't be any other problems following that tutorial to complete the dual boot but I took the easy route and just erased Windows 8 completely :D!

Fixing Ubuntu 10.04 login loop.

Here's the problem I had with my Ubuntu 10.04

I fixed it when I found these instructions:------------------------------------------------------------

First, you need to get the grub menu to show when you are starting your machine. Hold the shift key until the grub menu displays.

Then, instead of selecting the normal boot, use the arrow key to select to boot into recovery mode.

When recovery mode starts, you will be given several options. You probably want to use Command Prompt with Network Support (I think that is what it is called).
I Figured that my problem was because I was out of disk space so I booted up the Command Prompt and navigated to where I had a movie and removed it using these commands:
sudo rm

Those are basic commands any Linux user should be familiar with.

Testing Ubuntu 12.04 with different versions of Java:  

I'm trying to get the Dusk applet working at Andy's site(no success, yet).  It's no surprise that it's not working, Dusk is over 10 years old!  I documented my attempts here.

 I followed these instructions to get the latest java with javafx included.  The old Dusk game applet at Andy's site popped up and I attempted to log into Dusk but nothing happened :(  I used the command they provided in the instructions to remove it and also used the synaptic package manager to remove what was still there.

Then I installed Java6 following these instructions.  The applet at weaverscrazytown didn't pop up so I installed the "icedtea plugin" via Ubuntu Software Center.  I don't think it worked but I thought "oh yeah maybe I should restart the computer for the changes to take effect".  After reboot the applet popped up but this time logging in I got -1images loaded.

Here's what java -version shows:

java version "1.6.0_27"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.12.6) (6b27-1.12.6-1ubuntu0.12.04.2)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.0-b12, mixed mode)

Then I deleted all the openjdk stuff I could find in the Ubuntu Software Center and synaptic Package Manager.  Rebooted and then ran java -version and got this:

java version "1.6.0_45"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_45-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.45-b01, mixed mode)

Removed all Java stuff

installed Java this way.

Duskmoon news:

I started working on a quest/puzzle (scripted event) which is highly inspired by Bertram's 'Valyria Tear' puzzle involving mushrooms, a rolling ball, and triggers.  I'm excited about this because it incorporates a bit of the RPG genra into Dusk.  So I'm making Dusk a hybrid of GMUD with RPG elements.  So basically when anybody says to me, "that's false advertising, Dusk is a gmud- not a rpg."  Which (believe it or not) has happened, so now I can prove them wrong.

NotZed's DuskZ:

He's still poking at it a bitCheckout NotZed's developer notes on the right side if you haven't noticed he's poking at it again.  He put together a runnable copy for me to test but since this last bit of a run around I've had (trying to get my computers back up to par), I haven't got around to testing it yet.  I am very excited to see his work in action though!  Maybe Tomorrow I'll find the time. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

DuskMoon plot ideas and some info on scripting

I wrote all this offline because I still don't have internet where I live- yet.  I saved it in Zabin'sScriptCollection in the helpfiles section of my DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3.

I had some git headaches today trying to get my latest files merged.  I ended up figuring it out and felt like a goof that I didn't get it quicker.  The problem was a couple files exceeding 100MB.  You learn from your experiences, so next time it'll be a piece of cake.

There's a few more quests implemented in my DuskMoon world and more mobs, though it still needs to be all tied together.  Which lead me to writing this...

Duskmoon plot ideas:

My Dusk demo was pretty much a skeleton of a game for a long time, though just recently it's been growing some meat as I've been adding more side quests.  As I'm scripting these side quests I started thinking about the main quest and who's going to be the main antagonist/bad guy.  The first bad guys in my Dusk demo were Shades and I placed them around inside the city.  I was thinking about the name of the game "Dusk" and a dark creature like a "Shade", the time of day 'dusk'- which would be the opportune time of the day for shades to do their hunting.  So the main quest is to exterminate the shades, but how? 

Then I was trying to think of a name for my Dusk demo and I figured the planet that's being taken over by shades is 'planet Dusk' and the shades are coming from a moon that orbits the planet.  So "DuskMoon" is what I'm calling my Dusk demo world as of now.  The planet is called Dusk because the only habitable part of the planet is where it's always dusk.  It's always dusk because the planet doesn't rotate and sits idle in space.  Kinda like how we see the same face of the moon that orbits our planet Earth every 28 days.  The sun never moves in the sky of planet Dusk.  Where the sun is always shining it's too hot for life and in the dark it's freezing cold.  The planet orbits it's sun with the same side always facing the sun.  The way people on this planet measure days is by the orbit of the moon around Dusk.  The moon makes a complete orbit around Dusk every 47 hours. 

During the eclipse of 'Dusk's moon' shades are able to travel to Dusk (through the shade being cast upon the planet) by the use of a magical dark crystal that powers their teleportation technology.  No one really knows how these shades originally came to Dusk's moon but it's a new threat that could cause the extinction of every race inhabiting the planet. 

So the main quest could be a long adventure searching for a magical light crystal that is used in a genius inventors "beacon of light" or "giant lighthouse" that will shoot up light and block the shades from travelling through the darkness of the eclipse.

This little game plot idea is better then any other idea I had up until now so ..., now I just need to implement that idea into the game...

Dusk's scripting and a little on what NotZed accomplished in his fork:

Here's lots of Dusk scripts I picked out of previous Dusk world's which I plan to use/edit for my Dusk demo.  Having a existing working script helps to prevent me from writing bad scripts.  Unfortunately I am not a programmer but I do understand enough of Dusk script that I should be able to make a fun demo game showcasing all of Dusk's features.  I've always been an artist and working on my Dusk demo got me into pixel art, which lead me to submitting the art to and using that website to bring some attention to Dusk.  I wrote a Dusk blog about my Dusk demo and the art I've created/organized, in the hopes to revive this old project. 

Luckily a couple Java developers found interest in this old graphical mud and it's been hosted online by Andy Weaver 'WeaveMN' and the Dusk engine has been forked by Michael Zucchi 'NotZed'.  March-April was a eventful time for Dusk, it was the first time my Dusk demo was hosted online and I saw Andy in-game and we talked about the neat things NotZed was implementing in his fork.  Andy said he was looking forward to hosting NotZed's upgraded version of Dusk.  He also had a question about how the scripts are placed into the game and if he should just git clone my Dusk files everytime I added to my github.  I explained to him that since I'm the only one working on my Dusk demo it's easier for me if he just cloned my files when I pushed in new stuff. 

About how scripts are placed into the game- back in the old Dusk days all game creation content was done in-game which consists of mapping, scripting quests, ect. 

Mapping was especially tedious having to type ">NumberOfTile" in-game as god for each and every tile.  Now I have 625 tiles in my Dusk demo so using a map editor is necessary.  I'm using Wildern's map editor, so if there was more people working on mapping we would have to take turns mapping because the whole world is on 1 map.  That's where NotZed's adding multiple maps is a huge plus in his fork of the DuskServer.  Another awesome thing NotZed implemented was layers and Dusk's map being compatible with 'Tiled', which is the best open-source map editor.

Scripting is done in-game as a HighGod or MasterGod (there's 3 lvl's of privledges for Gods), a regular God can only map and place monsters/merchants.  HighGods/MasterGods have access to all of the game files with a simple command (ex. view nameoffolder nameoffile) and edit it in-game and submit it by clicking the 'submit' button.  Whenever a god makes a change they need to type 'save' otherwise it isn't permently saved in the game files.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick Dusk update: New animated water/beach and sprites, and a example map showing how it all fits together.

It's almost been a half a year since my last post here where Andy started hosting my Dusk demo.  I just checked his site today and Dusk was still online!!  Sweet!!:D  I wasn't expecting it to be up because of my long absence and there really isn't much game-play implemented yet.  My absence is mainly because I am super busy during the summer months and currently don't have internet service where I live.  Both of those things are going to change very soon.

Over the last 6 months I focused mainly on pixel art for Dusk (when I had free time that is).  I say for Dusk but I hope Bertram considers using the stuff I bring together in his game 'Valyria Tear'.  I was inspired to start focusing on animations because NotZed implemented animated tiles in his fork of the DuskServer 'DuskZ'.  Here's the link to his post that got me working on a water animation.  I figured since he got animated tiles working he probably could get animated sprites working as well so I started looking into subpixel art.  (update:  NotZed has made it clear that he would like to work on Dusk again but doesn't promise anything, so we might see these animations put to good use IF he works on Dusk again.)

That's pretty much all the art I've been working on.  I think this kind of animated sprites would be fine for Dusk.  Most of the tile-sets in my DuskFiles on github have had a contrast bump so everything matches style better.  I just pushed to github but haven't the time to make sure it all went through.

I also posted this on OpenGameArt

I got pretty burned out after making all that art and NotZed reminded me that it's good to change up hobbies.  He's taking a break from working on DuskZ and I realized I needed a break from working on pixel art.  I basically pixeled my brain out.  So I decided to get back into working on my Dusk demo.  It also just rained where I live and that means mushroom hunting season!  I love hunting shrooms!  I'm not talking about the hallucinogenic kind BTW just edible ones that you can sell to the buyers for top dollar.  Last year it didn't rain very good so I'm hoping for lots of rain this winter.  If mushroom hunting in good this year I may write a blog about my hunting experiences.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dusk 2.7.3 hosted by WeaveMN

This is some fantastic news!

I am very happy to say that Dusk is online!  Dusk has been revived by Andy Weaver after 10 years of being offline.  Except for a couple small up times by Lou and Libernullmal, more on that below.

Thank you Andy for your love of MUD's and will to host Dusk.

Here's a quote of what Andy said on Google+:

"Ok, so I had to mess with a few more things but it is now up at

Let me know if you are able to see images.  I updated to the latest java and it said it wouldn't load.  If things work for you feel free to add the link to the blog and invite your friends.  It is running off a separate ubuntu server now from my regular home machine.


I had the latest version of Java 7 installed and it worked for a bit but all of a sudden it quit working and crashed firefox when I tried to load the Dusk applet.

So I've purged the Java version off my Ubuntu machine and installed Sun Java 6 with the following command.

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts

Or I installed Java6 through the Ubuntu Software Center.  I forget because I was failing a bunch of times and finally got it to work once I had Java6 installed and the icedtea plugin.

Zabin@Zabin-laptop:~$ java -version
java version "1.6.0_21"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_21-b06)
Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 17.0-b16, mixed mode)

Then I was having a hard time getting Java enabled to work the browser plug-in.  I've said in a earlier blog post that icedtea won't work but here I used the icedtea plugin and now Java is working applets in firefox.  Here's the command:

sudo apt-get install icedtea6-plugin

Andy sent me that message on April 26 and I've been quite busy lately with work and was having this issue with Java.  I finally got a couple hours to sit down and play with this hobby.  So I got Java enabled finally and checked out his site.  The Dusk applet poped up and Dusk was online!  Yay!  The images loaded for me and I was running around in Dusk online.  Looks like it's been up for the last few days and is still up.  Thanks again Andy for hosting my Dusk demo game.  I will make more game-play I promise as soon as I have more free time.

More interesting Dusk news:

An old Dusk player commented on my first Dusk video I uploaded to YouTube.  He asked for some old Dusk files, I imagine he wants to play the old Dusk world's to bring back old memories.  So I've added 'NewDusk' and 'DarkStarDusk' to my DuskFiles on github.  I thought about doing this before but now I'm being asked for those files so there you go ;)  I also emailed 'Wildern' (whom I recieved all these files from) asking him if he has a copy of the OldDusk world.

Here's the email I just wrote to him today.  I haven't herd from him in a year or so, so lets hope he gets it and has some free time for this old Dusk game hobby.

Hey Wildern,

I haven't herd from you in a while and wanted you to know I finally got around to making the Dusk files I got from you available on gitbub.

I also wrote a Dusk blog and started collecting/creating pixel art at

I've inspired a Java developer 'Michael Zucchi aka NotZed' to create a fork of the server called DuskZ and he's implementing everything I could imagine that would make the game look more modern looking.  Animation, layers, and a lot more cool things.  He's still in a early stage of his developments so it's interesting watching his progress.  I wanted you to know about this exciting Dusk developments because if it wasn't for you keeping the project alive (by sending me your files and teaching me what you know), this wouldn't have been possible.

I've herd from a few of the old Dusk players who would like to host/contribute to a new Dusk as well as play some of the old Dusk games.  You've gave me NewDusk, and DarkStarDusk files.  I'm curious if you have OldDusk?  I was a god on that one and would love to play it (bring back some memories).  If you have any other interesting Dusk files I've love to include them in my DuskFiles on github.

Another Java developer 'Andy Weaver' has been kind enough to setup a server for Dusk and it's been online since April 26 just a few days ago.  I've been busy and had issues with Oracle Java 7 and finally got around to installing Sun Java 6 today (it's a pain since Ubuntu quit including it in the synaptic package manager because of some licensing issues) and logged into Dusk online (the world I've put together with new images).  There's not much in my Dusk world ATM but at least I've started the first town, a cave, and lava caves for when you die and go to hell.  Hopefully Andy hosts a Dusk-Server for awhile and has shell protection so maybe Dusk will be on-line again after 10 years of downtime.  Dusk was online a few months Lou worked on his Dusk Ataxia (his Dusk upgrade which he lost the files for) back in 2005 and Libernullmal hosted NewDusk for a month or so in 2008.

I plan to make more game-play in my Dusk demo game and have enough mobs and quests to get to 1000cp which should be at least 10+ hours of game-play.  Right now I think I only have enough to get to lvl 100 without doing too much serious grinding.  When I have some free time I'll get around to polishing that up.

Looking forward to more of NotZed's Dusk developments and eager to see a play-able version as I'm excited to map a new Dusk world utilizing layers and seeing new animations.

Thanks for your help keeping this old project alive!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Better walking animation video ;)

Here's a quick video showing day 2 of NotZed's development work on Dusk.  He sent me this development dump over a month ago so the only improvements here is the new log-in window, character selection window, main window converted to JavaFX, and better character walking animation.  When I have some free time I'll build NotZed's initial import (once I figure out how to download that version from his googlecode files) since it'll run previous Dusk worlds (buggily) and I'll get to see his new animated battle bubbles, new merchant window, and new equipment window.

I made this video over 2 weeks ago but haven't found the free time to blog about it until now.  Sorry for the delay.  It's kinda hard to see the better walking animation as the game screen is minimized but I couldn't maximize it because there's a new bug in it.

The song is Matthew Pablo's 'Emulated', because I like it and since it's a little over 1 minute I limited the video to that.

I haven't had much free time to work on Dusk content lately so it's going to take a bit longer then I hoped to finish most the quests in my demo game.  I'll try and polish that up soon.

A couple days ago I logged into my Dusk demo world hosted on-line by Andy Weaver!  I even saw him in-game!  That was the first time my Dusk demo was on-line :)  The last time I logged into Dusk (on-line) was back in 2008 when a old Dusk buddy 'Libernullmal' hosted 'old Dusk' for about a month.  Andy is swapping the server computer so Dusk isn't running off his main home computer.  Hopefully he hosts my Dusk demo for a bit and I'll get to PVP somebody ;) It's been over 13 years since I last fought someone in Dusk!

NotZed has done a lot of excellent work on Dusk in 1 month!  Dusk is a pretty big project so he's taking a break now to focus on his work.  He's currently poking at converting the scripts in my demo to be written in 'JavaScript' instead of old 'Dusk script'.  I have lots of scripts in the demo and if he can convert them all, that will provide enough converted scripts that I'll be able to look at the new "JavaScript" scripts and understand what's going on.  

Here's a quote from NotZed 3 days ago on his progress. (I hope he don't mind me quoting him ;)
NotZed:  Last week I poked a bit at the dusk code.  I managed to get the tutorial fully converted and shops working and hooked up a few of the doorways.  Although none of the god stuff is there, a good bit of the game mechanics work and the file layout/etc is starting to solidify -
although i still need to tweak it a bit.  Once I get this android video
thing out of my system I'll try to get back to it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Exciting Dusk developments

I've been wanting to post about this awesome news for over a week but I've been pretty busy as of late.  Almost 2 weeks ago a Java developer 'Michael Zucchi', nickname 'NotZed', came across my Dusk blog, got the game running and played a few hours of the demo game I put together.  I've played my own demo game for an hour or 2 (but end up rebooting the game to log in as a god and script more of the game) so it was pretty neat to see that I had enough mobs in-game to provide that much play time.  There's enough to give you the feel for the game and that was enough to get him interested.

He's now actively developing Dusk and upgrading it with JavaFX.  The client has been completely re-written using JavaFX.  He's a free software developer and was concerned about Dusk's license.  The headers on the code files didn't say anything about it being GPL and there was no copy of COPYING anywhere.  I've contacted the creator 'Tom Weingarten' and got his permission to update the headers and to use GPLv2 or later.  Thanks a lot Tom!

Here's the links to NotZed's blog and his upgraded fork of the Dusk engine called 'DuskZ'.

New fork 'DuskZ' source files
NotZed's developer notes

He's made a lot of improvements in just the last 10 days.  I'm actually very impressed with what he's accomplished already.  When I look at what he's accomplished (o.O) I'm like the 'dude' in my demo game that's standing next to the resurrection tile watching people appear out of thin air acting all excited with this look on his face (o.O)  You can see this 'dude' in the last video's or you can play the demo game yourself now that another Java developer 'Andy Weaver' was kind enough to provide instructions for running Dusk on Windows 7.  He was the first to contribute to my github, thanks again Andy.

Linux users can easily play my demo game now that NotZed showed me how to run Dusk as an application.  I was running it as an applet before and that required installing Apache, placing files into Apache, and opening a web-page where the applet pops-up. 

All that is needed is Java jre, you'll need a version from .  You can check your version of java in linux with this command "java -version"  Versions of Java like Iced Tea won't work.

Download the Duskfiles from my github -to make it simple put the files in your home folder.

Start the Dusk Server with these commands run in terminal:

Zabin@Zabin-laptop:~$ cd /home/Zabin/DuskRPG/DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3
Zabin@Zabin-laptop:~/DuskRPG/DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3$ java -cp . DuskServer
Ready for connections.

Then run the client:

Zabin@Zabin-laptop:~/DuskRPG/DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3$ cd /home/Zabin/DuskRPG/DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3/www
Zabin@Zabin-laptop:~/DuskRPG/DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3/www$ java -cp duskclient.jar Dusk

The GUI should come up and prompt you to click connect.  Make sure the port is "7474" and the address is

I'm on Ubuntu linux 10.04, obviously you'll have to change "Zabin" to whatever your system is called.

Have fun bashing up mobs in Dusk!

There's only 1 finished quest ATM and like a dozen half finished quests.  I plan to finish all those quests I've started over the next month.

I keep getting distracted organizing and creating new pixel art for use in Dusk.  I know how important it is to have everything properly licensed so last night I finished the LICENSES file.  I might have missed a few assets but I'll add them when I notice them.  So I've taken care of licensing the art assets and clarified the license on the code for NotZed.  That doesn't sound like much but trust me it took some time to write up that License file.  I also started a collection of art used in Dusk on OGA.

I'm including some screen-shots made by NotZed to show his improvements visually.  These screen-shots tickle me, I'm happy to see Dusk being improved upon :D

His new animated damage bubbles that drift away from the attacker and fade to blank.  Awesome!

New merchant window, This looks a lot better then the old AWT windows.

New equipment window, I like the three buttons on the bottom right.

He made Dusk's map compatible with Tiled!  This will make mapping so much easier!  Excellent!

This is my favourite screen-shot out of them all.  He got this 'tall tiles' idea and it makes it possible to get a layer effect while on 1 layer!  I was a little confused at first but it's pretty simple when you see the map open in Tiled.

Another awesome thing he fixed was the flicker in the walking animation.  He also changed the crude animation timer and now it's 2 frames alternating every direction.  Before it just looked like 1 frame because of the crude old timer.  He says it looks cheesy but it works a lot better then it did.  I'm happy with only 2 frames alternating in every direction.

Right now I'm waiting for him to release a binary version of DuskZ, at that point I'll get to play his new files and I'll make a new video showing these awesome upgrades.  Maybe I'll find the time to try and build the files but I think I'll just wait.

Here's the pixel I've organized of Hyptosis art.

Here's the re-colourations I've done on Redshrikes RPG enemies enemies.

 Here's a couple more links about Dusk from back in the day (2000-2001) for historical purposes.
Dusk player ratings from 2001


Thursday, January 31, 2013

I finally got around to scripting a couple things to show in video how a non-programmer like me can potentially create a game with a simple scripting language like Dusk has.

I made 2 video's (both show off the same things) but I couldn't decide which video I liked better so I'm uploaded them both.  The first one I typed pretty slow because it was 4am and I had a couple drinks :P  I'll look into getting a microphone for my next video's (if I feel the need to put out more info about Dusk)  I played some of Matthew Pablo's epic music to make the video's more tolerable.  I also played a couple songs from OGA by Tom Peter in the second video. 

Here's the pixel art I've done over the last month.

Cute little juvenile dragon for Redshrike's dragon set available here  This is perfect for Dusk :)
The bottom fire animation was my first one, then I tried improving it to get better movement which became my last one on top.  I can't use this in Dusk, unfortunately, there isn't a partical engine or any support for animation.  I mainly made this to give Roots and Bertram a fire animation for their games Hero of Allacrost and Valyria Tear

Here's another tile-set I've setup to match the other tile-sets I've submitted to OGA.  Check out  My art submissions to OGA for the rest.

In these video's I show a couple of the magic spells in Dusk like "Invis" "detect invis" "mend" and "heal".  Scripts that order a mob to attack you when you've become strong enough to pull the sword from stone and changes the tile to a stone without the sword.  I've shown the bank and how to deposit money in the bank and the fighting arena where your flagged "fighting_arena" which is the replacement for a clan like "MOD" masters of Dusk for example.  I also ran around a little looking at the props to show that this game is highly text-based.  One of the neat features of Dusk is the five senses.  Attack, action (sleep), look, get, and drop. 

Dusk is a very laid back game, meaning it's a sit back and relax kind of game.  Very easy learning curve.  Easy to play (no building-compiling headaches) all that is needed is Java to play.  To sum up what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog.  Dusk has enough game-play features to provide plenty of entertainment, all that is needed is better walking animation, nicer GUI, more layers using Tiled as a map editor, characters and sprites placed differently in-game.  Right now they are 64x64 and resized down to 32x32 to fit in 1 tile.  They should be off-set so they are overlapping other tiles and you can get that layer effect.  I'm hoping that bringing all this information together about Dusk; maybe a Java developer looking for an existing open-source game to improve on notices Dusk's potential and implements those things I just mentioned.  It might be hard to understand the code though as there are long methods with little comments.

Finally, I have some sad news.  My life just got busy and I might not be able to make a tile-set a month like I have been.  I'll still try and do pixel art (in my little free time) because I very much enjoy creating this art and seeing it used in games.

The following links show some off Dusk's simple scripts so you can see how anybody can make their own Dusk game without knowledge of programming.

Script that changes the tile with sword in stone --->no sword in stone

Script that creates a one use mob and orders the mob to attack the player who pulled the sword.

Here is a long script I wrote that consists of 3 seperate quests at the bounty hunter's office on the second floor of the castle's left wing.

This is the script that counts 20 bug corpses and rewards you when you have all 20 or pays you 30gp for each if you have less then 20.