Friday, October 11, 2013

DuskMoon plot ideas and some info on scripting

I wrote all this offline because I still don't have internet where I live- yet.  I saved it in Zabin'sScriptCollection in the helpfiles section of my DuskFiles/Dusk2.7.3.

I had some git headaches today trying to get my latest files merged.  I ended up figuring it out and felt like a goof that I didn't get it quicker.  The problem was a couple files exceeding 100MB.  You learn from your experiences, so next time it'll be a piece of cake.

There's a few more quests implemented in my DuskMoon world and more mobs, though it still needs to be all tied together.  Which lead me to writing this...

Duskmoon plot ideas:

My Dusk demo was pretty much a skeleton of a game for a long time, though just recently it's been growing some meat as I've been adding more side quests.  As I'm scripting these side quests I started thinking about the main quest and who's going to be the main antagonist/bad guy.  The first bad guys in my Dusk demo were Shades and I placed them around inside the city.  I was thinking about the name of the game "Dusk" and a dark creature like a "Shade", the time of day 'dusk'- which would be the opportune time of the day for shades to do their hunting.  So the main quest is to exterminate the shades, but how? 

Then I was trying to think of a name for my Dusk demo and I figured the planet that's being taken over by shades is 'planet Dusk' and the shades are coming from a moon that orbits the planet.  So "DuskMoon" is what I'm calling my Dusk demo world as of now.  The planet is called Dusk because the only habitable part of the planet is where it's always dusk.  It's always dusk because the planet doesn't rotate and sits idle in space.  Kinda like how we see the same face of the moon that orbits our planet Earth every 28 days.  The sun never moves in the sky of planet Dusk.  Where the sun is always shining it's too hot for life and in the dark it's freezing cold.  The planet orbits it's sun with the same side always facing the sun.  The way people on this planet measure days is by the orbit of the moon around Dusk.  The moon makes a complete orbit around Dusk every 47 hours. 

During the eclipse of 'Dusk's moon' shades are able to travel to Dusk (through the shade being cast upon the planet) by the use of a magical dark crystal that powers their teleportation technology.  No one really knows how these shades originally came to Dusk's moon but it's a new threat that could cause the extinction of every race inhabiting the planet. 

So the main quest could be a long adventure searching for a magical light crystal that is used in a genius inventors "beacon of light" or "giant lighthouse" that will shoot up light and block the shades from travelling through the darkness of the eclipse.

This little game plot idea is better then any other idea I had up until now so ..., now I just need to implement that idea into the game...

Dusk's scripting and a little on what NotZed accomplished in his fork:

Here's lots of Dusk scripts I picked out of previous Dusk world's which I plan to use/edit for my Dusk demo.  Having a existing working script helps to prevent me from writing bad scripts.  Unfortunately I am not a programmer but I do understand enough of Dusk script that I should be able to make a fun demo game showcasing all of Dusk's features.  I've always been an artist and working on my Dusk demo got me into pixel art, which lead me to submitting the art to and using that website to bring some attention to Dusk.  I wrote a Dusk blog about my Dusk demo and the art I've created/organized, in the hopes to revive this old project. 

Luckily a couple Java developers found interest in this old graphical mud and it's been hosted online by Andy Weaver 'WeaveMN' and the Dusk engine has been forked by Michael Zucchi 'NotZed'.  March-April was a eventful time for Dusk, it was the first time my Dusk demo was hosted online and I saw Andy in-game and we talked about the neat things NotZed was implementing in his fork.  Andy said he was looking forward to hosting NotZed's upgraded version of Dusk.  He also had a question about how the scripts are placed into the game and if he should just git clone my Dusk files everytime I added to my github.  I explained to him that since I'm the only one working on my Dusk demo it's easier for me if he just cloned my files when I pushed in new stuff. 

About how scripts are placed into the game- back in the old Dusk days all game creation content was done in-game which consists of mapping, scripting quests, ect. 

Mapping was especially tedious having to type ">NumberOfTile" in-game as god for each and every tile.  Now I have 625 tiles in my Dusk demo so using a map editor is necessary.  I'm using Wildern's map editor, so if there was more people working on mapping we would have to take turns mapping because the whole world is on 1 map.  That's where NotZed's adding multiple maps is a huge plus in his fork of the DuskServer.  Another awesome thing NotZed implemented was layers and Dusk's map being compatible with 'Tiled', which is the best open-source map editor.

Scripting is done in-game as a HighGod or MasterGod (there's 3 lvl's of privledges for Gods), a regular God can only map and place monsters/merchants.  HighGods/MasterGods have access to all of the game files with a simple command (ex. view nameoffolder nameoffile) and edit it in-game and submit it by clicking the 'submit' button.  Whenever a god makes a change they need to type 'save' otherwise it isn't permently saved in the game files.

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