Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick Dusk update: New animated water/beach and sprites, and a example map showing how it all fits together.

It's almost been a half a year since my last post here where Andy started hosting my Dusk demo.  I just checked his site today and Dusk was still online!!  Sweet!!:D  I wasn't expecting it to be up because of my long absence and there really isn't much game-play implemented yet.  My absence is mainly because I am super busy during the summer months and currently don't have internet service where I live.  Both of those things are going to change very soon.

Over the last 6 months I focused mainly on pixel art for Dusk (when I had free time that is).  I say for Dusk but I hope Bertram considers using the stuff I bring together in his game 'Valyria Tear'.  I was inspired to start focusing on animations because NotZed implemented animated tiles in his fork of the DuskServer 'DuskZ'.  Here's the link to his post that got me working on a water animation.  I figured since he got animated tiles working he probably could get animated sprites working as well so I started looking into subpixel art.  (update:  NotZed has made it clear that he would like to work on Dusk again but doesn't promise anything, so we might see these animations put to good use IF he works on Dusk again.)

That's pretty much all the art I've been working on.  I think this kind of animated sprites would be fine for Dusk.  Most of the tile-sets in my DuskFiles on github have had a contrast bump so everything matches style better.  I just pushed to github but haven't the time to make sure it all went through.

I also posted this on OpenGameArt

I got pretty burned out after making all that art and NotZed reminded me that it's good to change up hobbies.  He's taking a break from working on DuskZ and I realized I needed a break from working on pixel art.  I basically pixeled my brain out.  So I decided to get back into working on my Dusk demo.  It also just rained where I live and that means mushroom hunting season!  I love hunting shrooms!  I'm not talking about the hallucinogenic kind BTW just edible ones that you can sell to the buyers for top dollar.  Last year it didn't rain very good so I'm hoping for lots of rain this winter.  If mushroom hunting in good this year I may write a blog about my hunting experiences.

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