Monday, April 1, 2013

Better walking animation video ;)

Here's a quick video showing day 2 of NotZed's development work on Dusk.  He sent me this development dump over a month ago so the only improvements here is the new log-in window, character selection window, main window converted to JavaFX, and better character walking animation.  When I have some free time I'll build NotZed's initial import (once I figure out how to download that version from his googlecode files) since it'll run previous Dusk worlds (buggily) and I'll get to see his new animated battle bubbles, new merchant window, and new equipment window.

I made this video over 2 weeks ago but haven't found the free time to blog about it until now.  Sorry for the delay.  It's kinda hard to see the better walking animation as the game screen is minimized but I couldn't maximize it because there's a new bug in it.

The song is Matthew Pablo's 'Emulated', because I like it and since it's a little over 1 minute I limited the video to that.

I haven't had much free time to work on Dusk content lately so it's going to take a bit longer then I hoped to finish most the quests in my demo game.  I'll try and polish that up soon.

A couple days ago I logged into my Dusk demo world hosted on-line by Andy Weaver!  I even saw him in-game!  That was the first time my Dusk demo was on-line :)  The last time I logged into Dusk (on-line) was back in 2008 when a old Dusk buddy 'Libernullmal' hosted 'old Dusk' for about a month.  Andy is swapping the server computer so Dusk isn't running off his main home computer.  Hopefully he hosts my Dusk demo for a bit and I'll get to PVP somebody ;) It's been over 13 years since I last fought someone in Dusk!

NotZed has done a lot of excellent work on Dusk in 1 month!  Dusk is a pretty big project so he's taking a break now to focus on his work.  He's currently poking at converting the scripts in my demo to be written in 'JavaScript' instead of old 'Dusk script'.  I have lots of scripts in the demo and if he can convert them all, that will provide enough converted scripts that I'll be able to look at the new "JavaScript" scripts and understand what's going on.  

Here's a quote from NotZed 3 days ago on his progress. (I hope he don't mind me quoting him ;)
NotZed:  Last week I poked a bit at the dusk code.  I managed to get the tutorial fully converted and shops working and hooked up a few of the doorways.  Although none of the god stuff is there, a good bit of the game mechanics work and the file layout/etc is starting to solidify -
although i still need to tweak it a bit.  Once I get this android video
thing out of my system I'll try to get back to it.

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