Thursday, January 31, 2013

I finally got around to scripting a couple things to show in video how a non-programmer like me can potentially create a game with a simple scripting language like Dusk has.

I made 2 video's (both show off the same things) but I couldn't decide which video I liked better so I'm uploaded them both.  The first one I typed pretty slow because it was 4am and I had a couple drinks :P  I'll look into getting a microphone for my next video's (if I feel the need to put out more info about Dusk)  I played some of Matthew Pablo's epic music to make the video's more tolerable.  I also played a couple songs from OGA by Tom Peter in the second video. 

Here's the pixel art I've done over the last month.

Cute little juvenile dragon for Redshrike's dragon set available here  This is perfect for Dusk :)
The bottom fire animation was my first one, then I tried improving it to get better movement which became my last one on top.  I can't use this in Dusk, unfortunately, there isn't a partical engine or any support for animation.  I mainly made this to give Roots and Bertram a fire animation for their games Hero of Allacrost and Valyria Tear

Here's another tile-set I've setup to match the other tile-sets I've submitted to OGA.  Check out  My art submissions to OGA for the rest.

In these video's I show a couple of the magic spells in Dusk like "Invis" "detect invis" "mend" and "heal".  Scripts that order a mob to attack you when you've become strong enough to pull the sword from stone and changes the tile to a stone without the sword.  I've shown the bank and how to deposit money in the bank and the fighting arena where your flagged "fighting_arena" which is the replacement for a clan like "MOD" masters of Dusk for example.  I also ran around a little looking at the props to show that this game is highly text-based.  One of the neat features of Dusk is the five senses.  Attack, action (sleep), look, get, and drop. 

Dusk is a very laid back game, meaning it's a sit back and relax kind of game.  Very easy learning curve.  Easy to play (no building-compiling headaches) all that is needed is Java to play.  To sum up what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog.  Dusk has enough game-play features to provide plenty of entertainment, all that is needed is better walking animation, nicer GUI, more layers using Tiled as a map editor, characters and sprites placed differently in-game.  Right now they are 64x64 and resized down to 32x32 to fit in 1 tile.  They should be off-set so they are overlapping other tiles and you can get that layer effect.  I'm hoping that bringing all this information together about Dusk; maybe a Java developer looking for an existing open-source game to improve on notices Dusk's potential and implements those things I just mentioned.  It might be hard to understand the code though as there are long methods with little comments.

Finally, I have some sad news.  My life just got busy and I might not be able to make a tile-set a month like I have been.  I'll still try and do pixel art (in my little free time) because I very much enjoy creating this art and seeing it used in games.

The following links show some off Dusk's simple scripts so you can see how anybody can make their own Dusk game without knowledge of programming.

Script that changes the tile with sword in stone --->no sword in stone

Script that creates a one use mob and orders the mob to attack the player who pulled the sword.

Here is a long script I wrote that consists of 3 seperate quests at the bounty hunter's office on the second floor of the castle's left wing.

This is the script that counts 20 bug corpses and rewards you when you have all 20 or pays you 30gp for each if you have less then 20.

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