Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry christmas and happy new year everybody!!

I made a decent Castle and also made Clint Bellanger's armor items have transparent backgrounds.  I need to collect more items, and armor for Dusk but for now I think there's enough to make at least the first continent in Dusk!!

Here's all the sprites and items I've collected for Dusk so far.  Credit goes to Redshrike, Jetrel, Hyptosis, Clint Bellanger, BartK, Antifarea, Mumu, ArtisticDude, Zabin, Tracy, Surt, Battle for wesnoth, Monster RPG2, especially OpenGameArt and more that I can't remember ATM.  I'll write up a proper license file ASAP.
I felt bad since I've talked about Dusk a little on OGA, but nothing to show for it.  I thought this guy Lou would have at least hosted it for a month so I put word out on my submissions and amazingly a member of OGA's community "Redshrike" remembered Dusk.  I checked everyday to see if Lou had the server up, and I did log onto his server once but instantly it went down.  I think he's been using the buggy sourceforge files.  Lou never did anything except get my hopes up and I haven't herd from him since October 20.  I feel bad because Redshrike and his bro remembered Dusk but nothing is available to look at to bring back the old memories.  So I've decided to put together a Dusk world with nice looking graphics and most of Redshrikes RPG enemies.  Here's some screenshots to bring back the old memories guys =]

I'll have a video made soon-ish showing some neat features in Dusk, like players and mobs could be invisible so you have to cast "detect invis" to see them.  Storing money at the bank, when you pull the sword from the stone the tile changes to a stone with no sword.  Simple things like that I'll show off in the next video.  Oh and if you watched that last video, please reboot yourself..that video sucked!

So my plans with this Dusk game is: make enough content to provide at least a few hours of gameplay keeping the player busy with quests until they reach 200cp (credit points).  Then I'll start posting Dusk on freegamedev.org seeking somebody who can/will host Dusk.  I'm hoping that Dusk could get spruced up code-wise as the GUI is very ancient looking, character walking animation is jumpy, and the players/ sprites should be sized differently in game to make the proportions look better.  I don't know Java so I'm hoping to draw some attention from the open-source community towards this old game project and maybe someone will be interested in sprucing up this old online RPG to look more "modern" looking. 


  1. Thanks for assembling those sprites and items. I definitely plan to use some of those for Allacrost. Let me know when you have the license file up so I can make sure that we also give credit where credit is due.

  2. Yeah the license files for the sprites and items will be pretty lengthy. It won't be in a single image like that as it would complicate the license file too much. I'll have each image separate with proper attribution to the artists. This will make your job easier because you can copy my license file. That's the magic of open-source!

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    1. Thanks for your nice comment. This was one of my favorite games growing up and I think it's a shame that it's abandoned/forgotten. One of the main reasons this project is dead is because of the lack of information about it. I'm trying to provide more information about this neat old game in the hopes that a Java developer finds interest in improving on an existing game client/engine. I'll have a new video soon showing all the features already in the game.