Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've been working on replacing every single tile, sprite, item, and character I had on Dusk because most of it came from Lou's Dusk in (2006) and I'm not sure what he drew or how it was obtained.  I've finished replacing every single questionable tile on my map.  Every tile you see below is either licensed GPL (from The Mana World) or a CC license from  I know it's unorganized but I didn't want to break the map and have to remap what I had.  I plan to redo the map later when Dusk gets fixed up a bit so this is just placeholder for now.

Soon I will have the players and sprites finished, at that point I'll show some screen-shots of Dusk with LEGAL images! 

I made a lot of new tiles in order to replace the *ahem* illegal ones I had.  Mostly castle and caves tiles.  I need to make a couple things to finish the castle and then I will submit it to OGA.


  1. Woa, excellent work Zabin. I'm looking forward seeing the maps redone on Dusk!

  2. Nice, I actually have an early christmas present for you and the open source community ;) A Castle!! I drew a nice example map to show whats possible now with my Castle and Hyptosis' new stuff.