Monday, December 3, 2012

Lou worked on Dusk 2005-06.  He called it Dusk Ataxia.  He made the GUI look beautiful!  Unfortunately he never saved his files anywhere on the internet and they are lost forever :(  I think he used the buggy SF files because my buddy found a serious bug where you click rapidly to pick up a item and each click picked it up, thus duplicating it 10+ times.  Shortly after discovering that bug he abandoned Dusk and started SlothRPG.  Here's a couple old links where Lou talked about Dusk.

He has my bug free Dusk files now.  The whole month of October we talked about what Dusk needs to make it look more new.  I haven't herd from him in a little over a month now since the forums went down, so I don't have his upgrades :(  He always seemed pretty busy and probably doesn't have much spare time for his Dusk hobby ATM.

More links about Dusk.
The last post in this topic on mudconnector kinda sums up what Dusk is.

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