Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've Finished my Castle tileset (mostly) and made a example screen-shot showing 1 of many different possible Castle designs.  I think it's simple yet efficient.  I tried to design it so you can get a lot of variations with as little amount of tiles as possible.  I still need to create 6 tiles to smoothen off the back towers.  This screen-shot is what Dusk could look like if the map had more layers.

I thought this would be a nice contribution for the open-source community.  I was inspired to make this Castle for a few open-source games.  Mostly I had to replace the ones I had on Dusk.  Though, I have gotten my inspiration to work on reviving Dusk from Bertram who has revived Hero Of Allacrost by making a fork called "Valyria Tear".  All this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Roots making HOA in the first place.  Those games and The Mana World are my favorite open-source games.  Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play TMW in a few years because my Internet isn't fast enough to play online games.  So you might be wondering why am I interested in reviving this online game then?  It's because Dusk is the only online game I have ever played that works good enough on such a slow Internet connection.

The Castle took me a couple days to put together and the example map I drew in 1 day.  Thanks to Tiled (Bjorn, TMW) it wouldn't have been possible to make this awesome example without such a nice map editor. 

In a couple days I'll have a better game-play video showing the new images and especially all the neat features already in Dusk.  That might require me making a few quests, but that is a piece of cake so cya with some updates in a couple days.

Enjoy the screenshot :-)

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