Monday, January 20, 2014

BFW water animation converted for 32x32 tilesets

Here's a quick post because I feel I've been neglecting my blog here and I am anxious to show a bit of what I've been working on.

This is BFW's (Battle for Wesnoth) water animation which was made (by Rhyging5) for a hexagonal tile-set that has a high over-world type view.  By recolorizing it using DB's32 the waves are more obvious which helps make it match the genre of games that use 32x32 tilesets.  All I did was re-colourized it and made it tile-able for 32x32.

I think this looks AWESOME!!!  You can see the water animating through the alpha bank nicely even though I threw that alpha blended bank together quickly. 

Check out the link in my last post if you want to see all of the massive amounts of re-colors I've been doing.

Okay I've gotta run and try to save my dad's life!  Peace-Zabin


  1. Thank you for this i played on the original server back in the 90's happy to see it back - RottingSoul

  2. So I got a new computer and it loads dusk for me finally!! I'm super excited, I used to play New Dusk and I had my own castle, and I made 800+ CP on Ataxia dusk when it was out. If you guys ever need any input on bugs and what not just let me know!

  3. Uh-oh, looks like it's gone again (server not found)... any updates?

  4. I haven't wrapped up my Dusk demo game yet so it's offline ATM until I complete all the unfinished quests. There's no point in players grinding for hours building up their character and then get stuck in one of my unfinished quests. That makes players unhappy.

    Updates? Well, truth is I've been *caught* up with something and was away for a year and a half. I'll post about that later so no one is wondering what kind of "bad guy" I am. Computer was confiscated but luckily I didn't loose much because I keep everything on github.

    So Dusk isn't gone. I'm on a quest to revive this old game and I won't give up until I feel I've done everything that I could with my knowledge. Soon I'll list my goals/intentions with this project so everybody knows what my Dusk quest is all about.