Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi!  Welcome to my blog about "Dusk" it's a online graphical MUD made back in the late 1990's by Tom Weingarten.  It's open-source and coded in Java.  The thing I love about open-source is that anyone could use an existing game engine to make/host their own game world!  Around 1999 Tom made me a god on Dusk and I was part of the development of the game a little by mapping and scripting quests.  Getting to map and create game content in Dusk was more fun then any of the fancy games I've played since then.

The neat thing about this game is that it has it's own "scripting language" which means anybody can make their own game world and not need to know any Java programming.  The scripting is easy to understand.  If your good at remembering formulas like in trigonometry and passed that class with a B you'll understand this easily.

Dusk has potential and I think if the game was polished up a bit and the antiquated code and everything made to be more modern this could be another great free open-source game for everyone to enjoy.  Dusk is like a online 2d RPG in 90's style kinda like The Mana World, they are both free and open-source so I compare Dusk to TMW.  I don't know of any other games that fall into that category except "Stendhal" but I haven't played that yet.  There's Fantasy Tales Online but they aren't open-source.  Dusk is no-where near as massive as TMW but I think it has the potential to be more massive if improved on. 

I truly respect open-source and would love to see as many games open-source as possible.  I'm not a Java programmer (yet) so I can't improve this game but I'll do what I can and see if other people might be interested in improve it (hopefully).


I've uploaded my Dusk files on github and I will keep github updated with Dusk's latest files.  Here's a attempt at making a video :P



  1. Hi, I'm a free software developer using Java lately, and would like to have a chat about this. I can't promise anything but i'm curious. Can you email me? It's the same username at gmail.

  2. Hey, that's cool your interested and sure I'll email you ASAP. A professional Java developer "Andy Weaver", recently got Dusk running locally and was kind enough to write instructions for Windows 7. He looked into the coding for character walking animation and said there is no transition between tiles on the map. He said the best approach would be to re-write the client from AWT to OpenGL (lots of work there). I don't know if he's interested in doing that much work on Dusk but he sounded very interested in helping with Dusk :) so it's possible he might do some work on that. Now that there's instructions for running Dusk on Windows 7, I'll focus more on game-play content.