Monday, March 28, 2016

Working on a pixel tree

I'm drawing my first pixel tree from scratch.  The other trees I've worked on before are derivatives of an existing tree.  I've got the outline of the trunk and foliage done.  Now comes the hard part of pixeling the details.  I'll keep posting my progress here so you can watch how I put it together and how it evolves into a completed piece.

*Update april 5th*  I got yesterday and today off work.  Spent yesterday pixelating this tree.  *Phew* it was alot of work!  Today I have to go for a bike ride and get out of the house.
I just got internet at the house a couple days ago so I haven't done any work on my Dusk game yet.

*Update april 6th*

Screenshot of Tiled on my Ubuntu 15.10 where's the damn Top Tool Bar???
Figured it out and feel a little embarrassed I over looked it because I asked for help on Tiled's IRC channel and wushin at was nice enough to help me out.  New technology takes some time getting used to and I just installed the latest version of Linux Ubuntu a couple days ago.  They made the top tool bar invisible from the program's window and you only see it if you have the mouse hovering on the top of the screen.  Doh!  Silly me for over
looking these new features.

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