Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My music playlist

I joined Soundcloud and made a few songs available there that I managed to find on youtube.  Songs from one of my favorite movies growing up (still is) called Weekend at Bernie's and Weekend at Bernie's II.  I was born in Florida on a island and those movies are filmed in a similar islander environment so it brings me back to my childhood.  I shouldn't have any troubles uploading those songs because they were available on youtube first, right?  They are so rare to find it's a shame to let them RIP.  I want to share the love!

If I ever decide to try my hand at mixing music (with LMMS) I'll be sure to post it there.

I've been organizing a playlist here for my own convenience but to also share with my buddies.  If you don't like the same music as me, well then the hell with ya!  Just kidding.  The world is full of variety- that's why it's so beautiful and exciting.  I like all kinds of music.  That's just a small taste of what I listen to and is not limited to just that.  I'll keep adding to the list when I stumble upon something particularly cool.

*update 5-16-16* I found one of my favorite FF VII songs that is not on soundcloud (someone has a remix there) but I want to share the origional so here it is.  Under rotten pizza

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