Saturday, June 4, 2016

Demo of the WIP art assets

Yesterday I spent a few hours mapping with some of the art I've been slowly tinkering on.

I've been lazy working on my Dusk demo game.  Instead I've been poking a little here and there doing pixel art and looking for cool music on the Internet.

This pixel art is mainly still WIP but I think I have some stuff finished so I'll start making that available on OGA when I get around to it.

I also made a WIP topic on OGA so the good old boys there can see what I'm up to.


  1. This looks interesting. So is this a game or an engine? Having access to the engine would be interesting IMO.

  2. This post here is just pixel art. This blog is about an old game engine and a demo game using the old Dusk engine. The engine is open-source and is on my git-repository, links over there ---->

    The pixel art in this post requires many layers in the map and the old Dusk engine map only uses 1 layer for the map so this art can't be used in the old Dusk engine. Notzed has layers in his upgraded fork of the old Dusk engine but like the title says it's in a broken development state.

    Soon I'll post a video showing the new "upgraded" DuskZ engine and some videos of the demo game using the old Dusk engine. For Dusk to use this pixel art requires a new upgraded version of Dusk. A new verison of Dusk would be awesome but it takes a lot of work.